If you think you eat good pizza think again…Naughty Pizza. Welcome to our Contemporary, Gourmet Pizza Menu. Most of our highest quality ingredients are imported by us directly from Italy. For our secret dough recipe we use finest blend Italian Flour from Molini Pizzuti mill which is finished with original San Marzano tomatoes from mount Vesuvio. Our pizza is contemporary style with soft dough and airy crust – it is not thin & crispy pizza. Our mozzarella Fior di Latte cheese is produced with milk from the Agerola cow breed, making it particularly tasty and comes to us fresh from Italy twice a week. We cook your pizzas in spectacular oven Esposito Forni, hand crafted by best artisans in Italy, “Naughty Nelly” travelled to Bedford all the way from Lazio region.

Naughty Pizza is independent, family owned pizzeria located in heart of Bedford. Our mission is to deliver contemporary, gourmet pizza experience to satisfy even most demanding taste buds. We pay big attention to our product quality. Our pizza is different – light, soft dough with airy crust, not crispy thin-crust. We only use highest quality ingredients which in most cases are coming directly from Italy. Our pizza journey in Bedford area started with Mobi Pizzeria – our mobile pizza catering business – some of you might know us already.